new parents tickle the feet of their newborn in his baby seat

if you are reading this

with a newborn in your lap, you're too tired for my normal amount of words! About 70% of my newborn clients contact me from week 38 gestation to two weeks of birth and if that's you, you're right on time and I'm make it quick.

Here's my top 10 reasons why you should take newborn photos and why photos at home are actually the perfect (and EASY) choice

1.) You don't have to go anywhere or prep anything

I have one rule: no cleaning before I come! If we need to move things we will, I'll make it look good.

2.). Your home is perfect, even if you're not an interior designer

This isn't a shoot for Better Homes & Gardens so nothing has to be fancy or put together at all. In fact, many of my clients (including the couple featured here) just moved in or underwent a major renovation in order to make room for someone new and you wouldn't even know! Plenty of my clients live in small apartments or condos and that's not a problem at all: I avoid the word "house" on purpose! Interacting with your new and beautiful baby is the focus and your home is the most comfortable and authentic environment for that purpose.

3.) We don't work early and weekdays are perfect (if you even know which day of the week it is right now)

I know that you are sleep deprived and I'm not a morning person myself so 10am is great. If you prefer afternoons to include other children we can do that too. I'll definitely send you a text the day before just to remind you, I know this is a time warp.

3.). You can play your music to relax.

Or drink your coffee or your protein shake or your tea! Whatever you need is right there and welcome.

4.). You're in your comfy space.

Newborns run the show when we shoot at home: if they need to feed, that's what you do and you're in the best place possible to do it in these early days. Everything you need to care for them is right there and caring for them is part of the shoot, not a disruption! Your care is more beautiful than you think.

5.). Pets are allowed

Fur babies (or whatever non-human babies you love) are invited to take part!

6.). Its the only photo session you can sleep through

... if you're a baby anyway. Whether they are aware or asleep, whatever happens happens and it will be beautiful - we don't need to coax, overfeed or over pose them. Photos in your arms where they feel most safe are perfect.

7.). Did I mention "easy" already?

We'll move around your space if movement helps the baby (and often, it does). But if all you do is sit on a couch or bed by a window and stare and this beautiful new human in your arms, that's really all you need to do. (And if you don't have a window let me know, I have an artificial one I can bring.)

8.) Your home is a place they will be curious about someday

Babies can't make memories for themselves and homes often change as families grow. To capture your home at their arrival as well as the season of their birth will be something they really appreciate knowing someday.

9.). They will want to see you loving them

There's an authenticity that being home lends. Maybe its the occasional bottle or baby swing somewhere in the background, maybe its the comfort and familiarity you have here, I'm not sure I can put my finger on it myself. I just know that every time I review the capture - every single time - my heart melts and theirs will too. There's just something about capturing the love soaked haze of being home with our new babies.

10.). Everyday life is worth capturing and celebrating

There's no fancy dress or bouquet or three tiered cake today. But these everyday-days with your new baby are every bit as momentous and worth the investment. You'll take lots of pictures for yourselves in these early days - as you should - but seeing all of you together will be so important someday, especially photos of mom and her baby. This feeling you feel when you look at this child, you will feel that way every time you look at these photos. You will marvel at the smallness of fingers and toes because they're never that small again. And seeing the earliest versions of you as a parent are going to be priceless to the baby in your arms someday. Maybe even when they become parents themselves, feeling both as certain and unsteady as you do right now but knowing that their own parenting heroes began from square one too. This is how it is with generations, this is a gift you can give.

I promise to walk you through everything so you know exactly what to expect. Even if you feel hesitant, even if you feel like newborn photography is cheesy or a luxury, it can be different and you deserve this. And if you don't do this for you, do it for them. So that they always know how their story began.

L & N, congratulations and thank you for inviting me into your beautiful new home and for trusting me to capture this time with Baby F! I already can't wait to see him again!

XO, Mel

A mother in a rocking chair holds her newborn and looks at her partner smiling
new parents hold their baby on the couch and smile at each other
a mother holds her sleeping baby and looks over her shoulder at the camera, smiling
a father holds a newborn's foot in his hand and scale shows how small the foot is
a father kisses his newborn while holding him on the couch
a mother seated in a chair holds her sleeping baby on her chest
a mother cuddles her newborn who is sleeping in her arms, the baby faces the camera
close up of a newborn's face, his eyes are open
a newborn stretches out on a colorful rug
a newborn on a colorful rug looks at the camera
a newborn is swaddled on a rug, his head is in the center of rug circles like a halo
a newborn sleeps swaddled on a textured rug
a newborn is stretched out on a colorful rug in his diaper and yawning
parents hold their newborn in front of their new home in summer
parents hold their newborn in the backyard amidst vines
parents look at the camera while holding their newborn, a. bloom from a vine is in the foreground
a father holds his newborn in the backyard while the mother kisses him, the tool shed is visible behind them
new parents carry their baby across the front yard seen through a summer vine bloom
a wide shot of a couple's backyard as they hold their newborn and look at him
a mother gazes at her newborn as he nurses
a father makes shushing noises while holding and bouncing his newborn who is looking at the camera
new parents standing in front of an open window hold their newborn and gaze at him, its backlit with dramatic light