about Mel

I'm a newborn and family photographer here in Northern Virginia, DC and the DMV. I photograph families at home and living their lives, encouraging you to enjoy each other more right now and print your joy for your children to see everyday. Its powerful to grow up surrounded by art that reminds you how loved you are as you are and it helps our confidence as parents too.

I'm more Eeyore than Tigger so the joie de vivre that always shows up in this work surprises me sometimes. I really do want to tap into what's beautiful, curious, humorous and light about raising kids. I'm seeking it right alongside you.

But I'm not one of those toxic positivity moms telling you to love every moment of mothering because its so precious and its all going to pass you. It does go fast but honestly - a lot of parenting really sucks - especially if you stay for the hard moments and don't tap out. More days than not, I'm left exhausted and confused. Am I doing it right? I just love him so much. Is it all going to be OK? What kind of world are we giving him?

So far our family photos have offered me more insight and assurance than his good grades or achievements. Photos help me to see him: his interests, personality, goofiness and warmth. And they help me see his father and I too: our tenderness, humor, care and protection. I see our values as a family: how we love adventure and our animals, how we like being close, how funny we are and how its OK to feel all the feels. I see how we show up for each other.

Photography is powerful. If photos can help end wars, famine and injustice by exposing inhumanity, what can photography do to make our daily lives richer and our love deeper as we see our shared love and ordinary joy? I'm always thinking about that.

I made a mistake: I'm not Eeyore or Tigger. I'm Pooh. I'm thicc and I'm thoughtful and I've got a mean sweet tooth. But if you're thinking of spending more time with your kids and inviting me to join in with my camera, I can assure you that I do indeed wear pants.