Northern Virginia at Home Newborn Photographer

The early days with your newborn are a love-soaked haze. Photos can help you remember all the complex feelings while providing your baby with memories they can't yet make. You'll always have trouble believing they were ever so small.

I focus on photographing your baby where they feel most safe and secure: in your arms. I focus on capturing family dynamics as you discover this beautiful new person together! I'll present you with both color and black and white but there's something so timeless about the later that I know you will love. And home is the very best location for photos because its easy, comfortable and part of your baby's story.

Booking is easy too! I know you are overwhelmed so just reach out and I'll walk you through everything.

Newborn photography details

I'll come to your home in the morning - not too early, I know how sleep deprived you are! Our session is designed to be relaxed, intuitive and enjoyable with no home prep or cleaning. Dress comfy, play your music and care for your baby and children and let me capture the magic in your everyday.

Investments with files begin at $600 and families spend $1K on average per session.

I was reluctant to have newborn photos taken but am very glad we did! In addition to having a beautiful eye for light, detail and capturing unvarnished moments, Mel is a delight to work with... We couldn't have asked for a better experience or product!

Libby S.

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Mel was amazing to work with. During the shoot she made everything comfortable for me and the little man, which made the pictures come out natural and not forced. We can't wait to schedule more photo sessions with her!

Maggie W.