IN Home Sessions

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken. -Oscar Wilde

Black family holding a "new home new beginning" sign, close up the two boys who are smiling and snuggling
parents and toddler are getting ready to pose on the couch but the dog is coming towards the camera getting in the shot
wide shot of the front lawn with the whole family of 5 playing on tree swings
a family of five is seated on a bed, the baby is grabbing the oldest son's face and they're all laughing
extended family with a disabled grandmother are seated on the living room floor, playing blocks with a toddler
a dad is wiping a tear from his daughter's face, she is seated on the counter having received a bandaid
mixed race boy wearing a paper crown sits amidst lego pieces in his room, flying a vehicle he built
a mother does her toddler daughter's hair in her bedroom, the baby is crawling towards the camera
a Black mom chases her son around the kitchen island, she has a playful grin
a mom opens a cabinet in the kitchen to find her toddler son hiding, dog is running down the hall
a boy hiding under a blanket is found, motion blur on the blanket as its lifted and he is huddled small
mixed race parents stand behind their couch watching their two kids chase each other laughing
a mother and her teenage kids are on the coach, the kids gesture like they're fighting
a small family is sitting down to a meal at the dining room table, beautiful light illuminates and throws shadows
an Indian American family welcomes their father home from deployment, a "welcome home" banner behind them

capture what matters

In home sessions are perfect for families who stress out about traditional family photos and love a natural, snapshot aesthetic. This session is designed to be active with a focus on your lived life, capturing real memories of time spent together. Every home session is completely unique and renders a collection of images that document the joy, mess and extraordinary in ordinary life. I consult with each client to come up with a plan to capture what matters most while leaving space for surprises and serendipity.