It's close to one year...

... so baby P's parents thought it was time to get family photos made. They were hesitant to go the more traditional, posed route. Plus, there were so many things they wanted to make sure they always remembered about his babyhood.

Like his many facial expressions as he explores.

Like a toy they named "toe crusher" which - when you pick it up - makes complete sense to anyone who has every carried around a 10 month old holding a toy

Like his fascination with the record player and all things that spin

Like messy lunches in a high chairs

It's also summer time so we brought the season into the mix with bubbles, a walk in the park across the street and a brand new water table for the backyard.

I love how it goes both ways. We captured all these ephemeral things they want to carry going forward. But we also captured what I know P will love seeing and holding for himself one day.

Like how they light up when they look at him

Like the delight they find in his delight

Like the care they take in his nourishment

Like the simple fun of being at and around his first home

Our joy and beauty as parents is every bit as important as their joy and beauty as children. I love capturing the heart of where it all intertwines.