Here in DC the cherry blossoms are already at stage 2, with a current peak expected somewhere from March 22-25th. Once at peak the blossoms will hang around another week or so, raining petals with spring breezes as they recede. And because I'm heading out of town during spring break to spend time with my parents, we've only got one solid weekend of peak blossoms for shooting per that schedule.

Here's what you need to know:

Because we're taking pictures in the middle of a major tourist attraction we have to plan a bit more time for parking and shooting so its ideal to choose times when foot traffic is less heavy. These are the times I suggest:

  • weekdays, the weeks of March 21st and 28th during the early morning or late afternoon/early evening. Mornings are quiet and secluded with a muted palette. Late afternoon/early evening on a sunny day has long shadows and warm, dramatic light
  • early morning between 8am-11am Saturday 3/26 or Sunday 3/27.

If these time slots have already booked,

  • Weekend late afternoon to early evenings, 4pm-6pm

And finally - stay tuned to IG! I'm always discovering new places and areas where blooms are early or late so if we don't get you scheduled during the peak for the traditional blossom festival, I can usually find a gorgeous Japanese plum that is in full bloom 2-3 weeks after!

Some expectations... You will not be alone in the blossoms unless you have an early morning time slot. Also, it might take slightly more than the half hour. I know you like short sessions but we may have to do a fair amount of waiting for choice spots.

To book click here and share tentative dates and times that work for you. We'll go from there! (Prices are on the website, please visit Investment and FAQs for more)