I'm Always Late

when it comes to booking and shooting fall family photos but

On purpose!

So I thought it might help to share why.

Over the past few years I have scheduled many Family Picture Days in several parks around Arlington and Falls Church from October through November. I've found some beautiful parks that are convenient to many of my clients. But this year, I'm choosing a single location for FPDs and I'm zeroing in on November as the right time. It was a tough call but this is the year I trust myself to know the right place and time for FPD events.

This is my very favorite trail. The tulip poplars that make up the forest are so tall, the path twists and turns in the most photogenic way, its overgrown and wild and if you get real quiet you can hear the creek. Best of all, there aren't 100 photographers buzzing around with other families: its residential, private and quiet and this puts folks more at ease in front of my lens.

So here's what you would have seen on November 20th last year....

And here's what I saw!

Its hard for a subject to compete with the leaves at their fall peak. But when we wait for leaves to cover the ground and for color to recede, a golden stage is set for my families to shine and that's the point: to see YOU and your beautiful ones. It's still idyllic and still says fall while allowing your family to take center stage.

The downside? The only one I can think of is waiting for your photos until after Thanksgiving if you choose the 11/19 date - I need that two week turnaround by fall's end for my own celebration and sanity but can promise it by 12/1. While I have found that print shops extend card printing deals well into the holiday season, this timeline won't work if you like having everything mailed before you pop the turkey in the oven.

If you would like to shoot on this trail or at any other location of your choice in October, just reach out here with a preferred date and time. If I'm already booked I will holler back with alternative times.

And if you are ready to book a November FPD slot for this Fairfax location, click here (link to be activated 9/1, stay tuned). There is a non-refundable $100 deposit to hold your space due to limited availability and popular demand. And don't worry, I set rain dates just in case. ☔️

I look forward to seeing your family each and every year! Thank you for always coming back! 🍂