You'll take a bazillion pictures of your kids along the 18+ year journey that goes by lightening fast. What about photos of you parenting? What about photos of your kids being loved by you?

I believe you need these photos. I believe your kids need these too. Too often we wait: wait for the perfect event or date or weight and by the time we realize just how much we wish we had them to look back on it's too late. We must find our joy now. Documenting is a practice and the value of what we photograph increases exponentially with time.

At the heart of my sessions is the desire to show you what an amazing job you are doing right now, to hold a mirror so that you can see what your love looks like in this era. I want to create images for your children to discover and draw strength from as they grow up and someday become parents of their own. I want to help you take pictures when I'm not around (because let's be honest, it would be creepy if I was). And I want to plug you into a community of other families who are also on a documentary journey and taking their best photos even when I'm not around (to sych up with us, subscribe to my newsletter here.)

I take three approaches: if I'm lucky enough to connect with you while you are expecting we can start at the beginning! If I meet you further down the road we can document your world at home or to meet outdoors for a mini session. You can choose the approach that feels the most natural and warm to you. Check out my porof